Technical, Wreck and Cave Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand
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    Explore caves hidden in the Jungle. Learn to cave dive in Thailands limestone caves.
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    Explore WWII Wrecks, Japanese Maru's, lost airplanes, US Submarines, British Battleships
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    CCR Courses -Technical Closed Circuit Rebreather courses takes you beyond open circuit
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DJL Tech Diving

We provide an extensive range of specialist technical diving courses from nitrox through to advanced trimix and encompassing all agencies to suit every style

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  • Technical Diving Courses Refine, develop and explore
  • Wreck Diving Courses Experience history first-hand
  • Cave Diving Courses Delve further with perfect expertise

Tech Diving Koh Tao Thailand 

Welcome to Davy Jones Locker Technical Diving Department. Davy Jones Tech is run by David Polley, an avid wreck and Cave Instructor and TDI Instructor Trainer, who is dedicated to running high level technical diving courses and tech expeditions around Thailand. We also have dedicated team of technical diving instructors running very high standard technical diving courses, CCR diving and cave/wreck expeditions from our dive resorts based in Koh Tao and Koh Lipe.

Davy Jones Tech diving resort is located in the center of Sairee Beach on Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand but also has centers in Koh Lipe and the Philippines. Our technical diving facility has a team of experienced technical instructors teaching tech, wreck and cave courses to the highest standards at dive sites across south east Asia. We are Koh Tao's only CCR training center with our in house CCR instructor David Polley and CCR workshop with sorb, cells and gas boosters.

TDI PADI BSAC Technical Diving courses - Rebreather, CCR, Cavern, Cave, Tec, Trimix training

Technical Diving Facilities

The DJL technical diving facility includes:

  • A new workshop for equipment repair and servicing.
  • A gas blending station, offering nitrox and trimix and standard gases.
  • Technical diving rental equipment with leading brands, Halcyon, Hollis and Apeks.
  • Rebreather workshop with Gas booster, trimix, sorb and spares

At DJL Tech we have two tech boats, a high speed RIB and hard boat to reach the best technical diving sites in the Gulf of Thailand; we also organize regular tech trips on live-aboards into the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea and cave trips on the mainland.

Technical Diving Resort

The DJL dive resort offers accommodation to suite all budgets and tastes at our Silver Sands Resort. All DJL technical diving courses include free accommodation at the backpackers lodge on site at DJL tech. There is also a swimming pool, on site and Sairee beach is directly in front of the shop.

The DJL Technical Diving Department also has a well stocked tech diving shop offering: Halcyon, DUI, Scubapro, Apeks, Hollis, Light Monkey and Diverite technical diving equipment for sale.


HMS repulse wreck ccr dive

Technical Diving Expeditions

We regularly hunt for new wrecks in the Gulf of Thailand and further afield into the straits of Malacca and south China Sea. We have many WWII wrecks from submarines to Japanese Marus (merchant ships) scattered across the Gulf of Thailand. Have a look at our schedule for trips and dates. Cave diving expeditions in southern Thailand are regularly run looking for new cave systems and mapping Thailand underground caves and sinkholes. Come and join our cave diving research group after completing your cave course looking for new caves in Thailand.

Technical Diving Courses

Davy Jones Tech is a TDI Technical facility, BSAC Technical center of excellence, a PADI TecRec center and 5 star dive resort. We maintain the highest standards on our courses, teaching to highest level to make safe highly skilled divers we know will be safe in the environments we train them in from deep wreck penetrations to 100m+ cave dives. Safety and diver proficiency our our primary concerns at Davy Jones Tech.

DJL Tech Bog

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Tech Instructors’ Day Off

Tech Instructors’ Day Off Tech Instructors’ Day Off
Tech Instructors’ Day Off What do a bunch of tech instructors and divers get up to on a day off? Tech diving, of course! A break between courses and flat calm seas in the Gulf of Thailand were enough...

Want to try tech diving and don’t know where to start?

Want to try tech diving and don’t know where to start?
Want to try tech diving and don’t know where to start? The Davy Jones Tech team have a range of TDI and PADI tech diving courses to get you going   Whether your goal is to dive to 100 m, explore...

Cave Diving in Thailand

Cave Diving in Thailand
Cave diving in Thailand is a fairly recent activity but is rapidly becoming more popular. In this blog we will...

Eezy Cut Trilobrites available at DJL

Eezy Cut Trilobrites available at DJL Eezy Cut Trilobrites available at DJL
Davy Jones Tech has the full range of Eezy cut trilobrites, they cut through just about anything! Great for divemasters, instructors, techies and cave divers. We even have Glow in the Dark! Only 995 baht...
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